Woodlands House Nursing Home sits on the Trim Road, a stones throw from the centre of town. Enjoying very close links with the local community , Woodlands House has over the course of its life continuously had a role in local community life. 

Woodlands House was built circa 1917 in the Georgian style and was used to serve the needs of the local Church of Ireland clergy as a rectory for the Canon.

Situated next to the nursing home is Flowerfield National School. Interestingly the Flowerfield school which was originally based in the centre of Navan at the top of Flower Hill was relocated in 1979  to its current location which was known as the Rectory Field . The building came to operate as a nursing home in the early 1980’s and had a small addition added at that time. 

Woodlands House was acquired by the current owners in 1999 and has continued to play a prominent role in local life since then. A major redevelopment in 2015 saw the completion of 24 rooms replacing many of the existing rooms and adding many facilities for residents. A major refurbishment of the old house completed in 2017 ensures that the building will continue to feature as a significant building serving the needs of the local community for many years to come.