Programme of Activities

When a Resident arrives to Woodlands House our Director of Care Susan and Our activities co-ordinator Anne will speak with you and together they will tailor activities that are suitable to your capabilities.

Woodlands House offers a wide range of activities to enhance the care provided and enable you to fulfil your personal, social and psychological needs.

Visitors and staff are also welcome to get involved, as are members of the community.

A full range of activities suitable for all is programmed and includes the following:


Residents with particular interests are invited to make them known to the activities Coordinator or Person in Charge so they can as far as is possible be included.

If you prefer not to participate you can enjoy our sunroom, oratory or many other areas to relax.

Therapy Services

Service Frequency Accessibility


Dental Services


Speech and Language Therapy

Tissue viability specialists

By appointment

Arranged as necessary

Arranged as necessary

Arranged as necessary

Arranged as necessary

Arranged as necessary

Assessment required

Assessment required

Assessment required

Occupational therapy By appointment  


Hairdressing is available on weekly basis by appointment basis. Any other grooming, beauty or makeup service can be arranged by request.


External Facilities and Activities

Woodlands House Nursing Home is situated in the thriving and bustling region of Navan, and is serviced by nearby restaurants, public houses, libraries and community halls.

Whilst there are occasional organised day trips for residents the nursing home will assist you to participate in external activities outside of these arrangements, where you so desire. Just make your requirements known to the Director of Care.  

Additional costs may be incurred {e.g. travelling expenses and the cost of any accompanying escort} which are the responsibility of the resident.

Occasionally short outings are arranged to different places and points of interest, details of these are posted on the noticeboard and they tend to be mainly in warmer weather.